Stuck alarms?

I cleared out a lot of the old radios that were offline that I guess where either failed or replaced on the network and was left with something odd, now my alarms show empty as I'd expect, but there are 3 major alarms in the top right and in the alarm notification count... But the list of alarms is empty

Is this in cloud or On-Premises?  If On-Premises, what version are you running?

We also have this, except it's one alarm not 3.

Version 1.6.3-r15

on prem

Onprem 1.6.3-r15

Could you please let me know are you using cloud or noc? could you please share me more details through private messgage.

We both said we’re using on premises version r15 the latest

Could you please let us know can we get remote access? Could you please share us the details in private message?