Stuck - Data Migration to 3.0.0 in progress

We updated our cnMaestro on-prem this morning from 2.4.1-r10 to 3.0.0-R19 and it appears to be stuck at “Data Migration to 3.0.0 in Progress” as the progress is not updating. I am wondering how long we should wait before contacting Cambium.

  1. We performed a system backup and saved it to a local machine.
  2. We copied the 3.0.0 OVA file to the server and applied it.
  3. After the server rebooted to apply the OVA file, all of our devices showed offline and there was a orange banner “This On-Premises instance is not onboarded to cnMaestro Cloud.”
  4. After several minutes, the devices still showed offline and there were no changes to the on-screen messages.
  5. Rebooted the virtual machine from within cnMaestro. Saw the same orange banner after the reboot, but devices showed online.
  6. Performed a second system backup and saved it to a local machine.
  7. Uploaded the 3.0.2-r23 package to the server and applied it.
  8. Server appears to have rebooted to install the package, but after reboot still shows the version as 3.0.0-r19 and now has a banner across the top about data migration to 3.0.0 for the past 4 hours and there is no progress.

Hi Miah,
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May i know the size of your backup which you have taken in step 1 when the server is on 2.4.1-R10 build, so that we can estimate the time to be taken for 3.0.0 Migration to complete. Can you please let me know if you have upgraded the 3.0.2 pkg while 3.0.0 Migration is in Progress?
Ideally we suggest not to take a backup or reboot server nor upgrade any new pkg while any Migration run is progress or until the Migration banner disappears.


I have a backup from 4/23 and another from 4/26 just before the upgrade that are 99MB.
Had we known about the data migration, we would not have started the package upgrade, but there was no message about the migration running at the time we started the package update.

At this point, our Maestro instance is still stuck at 0% almost 24 hours after the fact.
I am starting a support ticket as we are also not able to onboard new CBRS devices while the system is “upgrading”

Anish from support worked with me to get the issue resolved.


What did you do to fix it, ours have been stuck for 48 hours now… still at 0% …

We had to open a support ticket and they resolved the issue via remote session.
Incidentally, we had further issues updating the same system to 3.0.3-r17, which was only resolvable by spinning a new instance and importing the data from the previous server after Cambium repaired it a second time.

Good luck and hope you get the issue resolved!