Stuck session identification

How to identify stuck sessions in large PMP 450 network deployed with wireless manager.

I am planning on writing a python script to fix this very issue tomorrow.  I will post the script when it is verified as working as expected ( should be by Friday or so, depending on the number of stuck sessions pop up to test against).

Step 1.  Query cnMaestro for SMs in a down state and store those in sms

Step 2.  Ping each item in sms.  If up, skip to next item.  If down, go to step 3

Step 3.  Boot SM off AP with the following code:

I plan on running this every hour or so.

Hopefully the new 16 version eventually fixes this but we will not upgrade until it looks stable.  So a script will have to suffice for now.

Hi rnelson,

Have you considered using the "Ping Watchdog" feature as a workaround?



Hi Balaji,

If I am understanding ping watch guard correctly, I would need to know in advance which SMs were getting stuck in order to monitor them.  Unfortunately the stuck SMs are difficult to predict.  Otherwise that looks like a great tool.