Stuck Software Upgrade Job In cnMaestro

We have been in the process of upgrading our 450 SM's to 15.1.1 and one of our jobs is stuck in some sort of loop.  It's been stuck since yesterday. Can you please help us with this?  We can't move onto the next job until this one has been resolved.  

Thank You,  

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications  

Is this cloud or On-Premises please send me details in private msg.

We ended up suspending the "stuck" account in our Radius Server we use for authentication.  The update would time-out after about five minutes.  We would then reactivate the account in Radius and then go back to updating the software accordingly.  

This is what worked for us.  

Thank you for your help with this Cambium.  

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications 

We have the same problem with some jobs (update configurations).

It's very annoyng...

On Premises version (last version)

I will ask one of our engineer to get in touch with you...

Telemar, are the configuration jobs stuck forever or do they just take 5 minutes to time out instead of completing instantly?  To confirm, this is with versoin 1.5.1 On-Premises?

5 minutes for the firsts 50 Sm's, but if we upgrade 200 Sm's it stuck 5 minutes for every 50 SM's.

The problem is If the antenna is offline. It will be helpful if the job don't start if is offline

Isnt the offline devices skipped?
What do you mean by antenna offline , are they connected with cnMaestro?

No, the offline devices not being skipped

They're onboarded but they are offline (maybe they are turned on in the evening only etc...)

On premises 1.6.0 r22

Can you please send me screenshot via private message

We are having the exact same issue

A new option was added to Software Update and Configuration job for when they become stuck.  On the right side of the Jobs view there is a button to Abort a job.  This will force the job to stop and will stop tracking the update of any devices still in progress.  Only use this option if the normal Stop/Pause button does not work.

eventhough the job is stopped, the send command is in a stuck send state. This means that im also unable to delete said job. Fix please....

1) What is the version of cnMaestro you using?

2) how many devices you have and are they all Wi-Fi or Backhaul

1. Version 1.6.0-r22

2. 1250 devices, they are PMP 450 APs and SMs

You are running very old version of maestro.

We released 1.6.1-r10 OVA and then you need to apply 1.6.3-r19 package on top of 1.6.1-r10

We can fix the current issue on your setup with remote session. Please send me a private message and we can help you with the fix.