Sub color codes

I know some people prefer to set each AP in a cluster to a different color code and some like myself prefer to set the whole cluster to the same color code.

It would be really handy if there was the color code (kind of needs better name too) and then a sub-color code.

for instance you could set all the AP’s in the cluster to a “cluster code” and then set each AP with an “AP code”.

my reasoning for this is that we set all the AP’s in a cluster to the same color code because if we have to do maintenance work on one AP we can take it down and most clients will migrate to another AP in the cluster preventing down time. also it makes it easier for the installer to pre-configure modems for specific antenna sites.

There are times however that for whatever reason an SM will register to an AP that actually has a terrible signal and will ignore the AP that has the best signal. If there was a cluster code and an AP code then you could set the preferred AP to try to connect to before trying the other AP’s.

I think it is recommended for all AP on a cluster to have the same colour code… i could be wrong…

preferred AP first
and then anything…

that would be a great feature…

Having a sub color code adds one more thing that actually needs to be configured. Not only that but it is also one more thing that the radio has to check when it is registering.

I think I read somewhere that the way the SM chooses the AP it registers to is by comparing Jitter values of AP’s it can see. It then registers to the one with the lowest jitter.

true…, but it also compares the color code, if this does not match then it will not connect.

I too like this idea of a cluster code, in which you can specify a preferred AP, while still allowing a failover