Subscriber Module/CPE

I am interested in deploying the Canopy 5.7 GHz platform; in a poor south american country. i am seeking assistance the following info…
(a) are they any low-cost compatible Subcriber Modules or Customer Premises Equipment?
(b) I have read that the SM(Motorola) works within a 2 mile radius… what would i have to do inorder to have it reach my desired 10 miles?
© Can my internet platform cover a 10 mile radius with a backhaul?
(d) I am using VSAT Internet Backbone, however do I router my bandwidth to my subscribers. What additional equipment might be needed other than the VSAT and Canopy Systems.
(e) how much bandwidth would be needed to provide 256k/512k(download/upload) to 200 subscribers.

I know I am asking alot, but I am new and don’t want to mess up things. I wish to set-up my WISP in a month’s time.

Thanks Everyone…