Subscriber module for backbone

We have one access point with no ethernet link on a tower.
If a Subscriber module with a DHCP and GATEWAY behind it connect to this AP, can we serve client and how many?

T1 -> ROUTER -> SM <-----> AP <-----> CLIENTS

Will this work ? If so, how many clients the SM will be able to handle?


This will work, you will want to make sure that you set the downlink percentage to 50%, but remember that this isnt a very good setup. Basicly, the AP gives you 7mbits of data transfer, and that is shared with every sm. so basicly 7 SM’s downloading at max = 1 mbit each. But since your BH is an SM that is going to eat half of your throughput. So in an ideal world you will have 3.5mbits. 1.75 each way.

I wouldent do more then 10 customers with this setup.

What you could do is this

T1 -> ROUTER -> SM <-----> AP <-> AP <-----> CLIENTS

This would be a much better setup. As the AP/SM BH would be isolated

50 users will be using this link…

Why would I put 50% downlink on that access point?
What if I use an Advantage subscriber module. (20mbits)


In this scenario, beside other considerations, you have to count with the latency, if it is important to you. Even with the Advantage platform. That’s why the backhauls exist. :wink:

For this setup you woudl want to put 50% downlink for this reason:

Your SM - AP BH link would run at 25% up and 75 % down. and since all the data from the t1 to the customers goes through this link. so all those customers could only really download at that 25% rate. and they could still only upload at the 25% rate, basicly losing half your bandwidth.