Subscriber Module Priority on SM for backhauled pop

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We not only have individual customers connected directly to one of our epmp APs but some backhaul links to micropops (serving 20 clients behind this one SM. We have noticed with the SM number reaching 20 on the main AP, not as much traffic is being allocated to the micropop and contention behind this SM is occuring.

I have been looking at the Subcriber Module Priority feature and I'm trying to understand if this will work for us. If I set the SM at the micropop to High will we see more traffic pass to this micropop SM compared to the other standard connected SMs? Do we need to enable anything on the AP or can the QOS settings be left OFF and only set on the SM?

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In case SM has High SM priority configured data packets will be transmitted/received through high priority queue and AP will try to sent them more frequently. So it should work for you.

SM Priority can be configured only on SM, nothing else is needed on AP side.

Other QoS rules should be configured on SM side for Uplink and on AP side for Downlink.

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