Subscriber module status question.

Currently my session is with REGISTERED VC 18 Rate 1X/1X and I’m just wondering if there is something I can do to get a different VC number? The reason I ask is because I keep losing my signal to the AP even though I’m only 2 city blocks away from it. My neighbor across the street has no issues but the one on the side of him closest to the tower does have the same issue as me. It probably has nothing to do with my issue but still just curious if there is something that I can do to manually get on a different VC number?

VC has nothing to do with performance.

If you are having connectivity problems, you need to contact your provider. This is not an end user forum.

There are a lot of possible reasons your connection is poor, none of which you can do anything about.

Yea I’ve contact my isp about 3-4 times a week and they run me through the same loop everytime so I figured I’d see what kind of info I could get from here. Probably just going to get drop the service because this has been going on 5 months now and they still haven’t done a thing. Thanks again for the timely response and info.