Subscriber Priority

Can someone explain or point me in te right direction for exactly how subscriber priority affects the clients on an AP thanks:

Subscriber Priority.JPG

The Subscriber Priority like most QOS rules only does anyting if there is more data needing to flow at that specific moment than the circuit can pass, and in this case anything marked high priority goes first, everything else goes through until the path is full and evrything else waits until the next polling cycle.  In normal operation it tends to be pretty invisible to the rest of the network.  A milisecond pause when loading a webpage or downloanding a file is unnoticed, but that same delay on a VOIP call for example can cause poor audio. 

If the concern is that somehow just haing high priority turned on will cause a reduction in avaiable bandwith for the rest of the network, rest easy, that is not the case.


This sounds like time frame allocation option, while here we have TDD system. I'm a little bit interested how time frames are allocated for download and upload.

Cambium team can you give us some hints on this ?