Subscriber radio Frequency and AP SSID say "Scanning"


  I've noticed while in customer radios sometimes that the radio will show it is scanning when I know it can't be because I'm accessing it remotely over its wireless link to the AP.

For example I'm in a customer radio right now and it constantly swaps between these two states;

Operating Frequency:  Scanning

Registered AP SSID :  Scanning

Register AP MAC Address :  00:04:56:C1:A4:AF

Then it will swap

Operating Frequency: 5835 Mhz

Registered AP SSID: APe85GS0

Registered AP MAC Address::  Not Associated

It does this over and over yet according to the AP it's been in session for almost 9 hours and looking at our SNMP graphs there is no indication the radio is dropping sessions / re-associating.   Whenever it has the Freq and the  SSID the Mac says not associated, when it has the MAC address it shows scanning on Freq and SSID. It never shows all 3 in the same state.

It can only see the one AP and it only has the one AP in its preferred APs list.  I'm accessing the radio remotely while it is doing this so if it actually dropped the connection and went to scanning it wouldn't be able to tell me it was scanning because I would lose access to it the instant it dropped the connection.  Also the customers don't complain so I assume it is working for them.

I see this on customer radios fairly often not just this one radio and on all the AP's we have, not just this one. 

Not sure if there is a problem or just a glitch in the info being displayed.


Which sw version you are running with? If you are remotely connected to the SM and you are seeing a "Scanning" state getting reported, most likely this is a glitch in the reporting of the state of the SM. We can try to reproduce in our labs once we know the version you are currently running with.


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