Subscribers Modules who can be used like APs

Hello Community, I saw a few months ago an information about a new version of firmware for epmp subscribers modules, who permiss a subscriber module works like a AP for more of one subscriber module.

Mi question are: Which models of Subscribers can works like like a AP?
From which version of firmware?


Always the SM module could act as AP.
The only change from firmware 4.7 is that subscriber terminals can now serve as AP more than one client.
Until now, it was possible to support only one terminal, i.e. PTP link in short.
All models from version 4.7 beta are supported (recommend RC56 or newer).
From the popular models 300-13(L), 300-16,300-25(L), 300-19 from the older ones force 200, 180 etc etc.


Thank you very much Pshemo!!! I redacted wrong the question.
However you understanted which was my problem.
I edited the question to a better comprehension.


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