Subscribers not staying connected to Access Point - Ranging Diff Errors?

We have an 450i 900 MHZ Access point that has large of amounts of reregs.  It has to be coming from the actual Access point as the other ones are not having this issue.  I have swapped frequencies to verify.  Customers are better on -82 DB signals from side lobes that the -68 from this AP.  It is the only one I have seen ranging diff errors on as well.

Most subscribers have 100 session count in last 18 hours.

I have verified radio settings to be consistant.

Firmware is 15.1

I have swapped frequencies with adjoining Access Points with no success.  

GPS shows good.

12/07/2017 : 02:04:33 UTC : :Ranging Diff : 0017BA06 mac : 0a-00-3e-46-5e-1d

 Sample error.

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When you say, "Customers are better on -82 DB signals from side lobes", do you mean that those SMs experience fewer registration events?

In any case, this sounds like it may be a problem with that particular AP, and I would encourage you to open a support ticket HERE, and click "Submit a Request" at the top of the page.

I am seeing same on 450i ap. Only on one SM. (3.65) 

We were stumped. Performed spectrum an. Found possible interferance, someone seems to be on same freq @40, -59/-62 on spectrum. 

Would this be causing ;ranging..........?

Or as the next message from cambium suggest its the Ap?

Appreciate all knoledge shared.