Substring search in Switch Ports

Since the update to CnMaestro 3.0.3-r18 the substring search for the switch ports does not work anymore. I reported this problem a few months ago, after that it was fixed, now this seems to have been reverted.

Switch Groups > Hall 550 > Switch Ports
Search: -021 > Shows a hit in the Description column, but not the entries in the Port column.

Search: h550-cmb-ex2028-021 > Also shows the hits in the Port column.

It would be helpful if ‘Search’ would also show hits of substrings in the Port column. As I said, this already worked.


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Hi Ralf,

Sorry for the trouble caused, Global string search might not return the best results as it looks for results across all the fields. We had enhanced the filtering capability on the individual columns to give accurate results especially the port column by looking for individual port id or for a range of port ids as mentioned in the info icon against the column header.


In the upcoming release 3.0.4 , We are also adding a separate switch column in this grid so that the User can filter for Switch names including the sub strings. We will try to address the same in the global search in the upcoming releases.


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