Successfull Poll / Failed to Poll Problem


I’m currently using Prizm 2.1 to manage 6 APs. 4 at one tower location and 2 at another.

I’ve noticed an interesting issue showing up in the Events tab of SMs connected to one particular AP.

At numerous times throughout the day the Events tab of the SM will show for example.
12:40 PM - Failed to Poll Element, Element may be down
12:41 PM - Failed to Poll Network Element
12:50 PM - Successful Poll of Element, Element is Up

I have noticed Events in other SMs occurring at the exact same time. However, not on all SMs.

This is only happening to SMs connected to one particular AP. The AP is configured exactly as all my other APs. SMs do not actually go offline, and I have low Reg, Re-reg numbers…

Any thoughts.