Sudden extreme packet loss

We have three AP’s that are suddenly acting weird. The setup is backhaul–>switch–>Mikrotik (as a router only)–>CMM4 (no switch)–>AP’s The Mikrotik will suddenly start losing packets like mad and timeout. We have since changed the setup a bit switch–>Microtik–>1AP switch–>another mikrotik–>AP switch–>AP
all still going to cmm4 for sync. All customers except one test AP authenticate with Radius and are double natted.
When the loss of ping happens customers say there is no surfing or super slow. We have eliminated customers as an issue, and truthfully these are new towers and we currently only have 2 on one AP 3 on another and 6 on the last
We have 5 other towers with at least two AP’s same setup switch–>mikrotik–>cmm4–> ap1 and AP2 these run fine with a lot more customers
The three new AP’s are running System_Release_e2.1.2
The others are running System_Release_e2.1.1
Is there some bug with the software or has anyone had the same issue and found a fix?

We have found the issue and resolved it, this was not a motorola equipment related cause. It was our QOS equipment that was misconfigured.

I'm finding same issue, it appears that the 750 UP and 750 no UP will cause the omitik connected to it to loose packets when the cambium is added to the switch, the cambium never looses a packet and it doesn't matter what port the mikrotik or cambium are on, all of a sudden and unpredictably i will loose 4 odd packets to the mikrotik omnitik attached, seperate pings to cambium and cambium remote end loose no packets. i'm going to try passively power the mikrotik omnitik on port one and will plug just data back to port 2 then 750 and see if this is some type of volatge related being that cambium is reverse polarity (seems that cambium plugged will cause mikrotik device to loose packets) mikrotik omnitik to PC direct results in no packet loss.