Suggest pls. SM as a ROuter or Separate Router to Switch?

If i use SM as a Router. I have to configure my NAT right? but i’m not sure how to configure that NAT… And i’m afraid to try because it’s very hard to reset our SM because it is in a tower… its hard to climb and reset it… So i think I should use a Separate Router

Do you think its easier using a separate Router?
but what kind of ROuter do i have to use? is it the DSL router?
Because i’m not that sure what router i have to use…

and what is the procedure?

is it… SM --> ROUTER --> SWITCH

then after that i can now connect my Workstations in the switch where the router is connected?

We’re given 1 Static IP… then where do i have to put that IP? its for the Router right?

It sounds like using a seperate router is the way to do. As far as what kind to use, all the router needs to be able to do is accept input on an Ethernet interface and send out put on an Ethernet interface (to your workstations).

There are several SOHO models made by various companies that will do in most small business situations: Netgear, D-Link, SMC, Linksys, etc. If you need a highly configurable firewall, or VPN, or just have a huge network, you may want to look into something better: Cisco PIX is a very good product line for that type of application.

Your one stattic-public IP would get assigned to WAN interface of your router, and you would run the LAN interface of the router to a switch (like you mentioned) to feed your network.

It sounds like you’re on the right track.

thnx vry much!

now i don’t hav to worry managing a poor proxyserver…

: )