Suggest to support WEP encryption type of SSID in XV series


As topic’s title, I have a suggestion for XV series AP to support WEP encryption type of SSID.

When I opened a new case to cambium networks support site, representative staff left below comment.

‘No XV series do not support WEP encryption as it is very old method.’

Of course, WEP encryption type is old method SSID’s security configuration. however, until now, other 802.11ax APs by vendors still support WEP encryption type. That point can be considered a drawback to us for suggesting XV series to customer.

Actually, We have trouble participating in the bidding of WiFi business for that reason.

Like us, There must be a customer who still needs that function.

So I would like to for you review to adding WEP encryption type support to XV series.

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I’m with Cambium on this.
In 2021/2022 if you need WEP you really need to start thinking of replacing the client devices in your network and not the AP’s themselves.

I would much rather have them spend their time on WPA3, Mesh and DPSK enhancements to the XV line.

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Sorry, WEP is outdated and very dangerous to users. So I don’t see the point in adding outdated technology to the newest WiFi6 product family. WEP is not supported by any new devices. In a year or two, WPA3 will become the standard