Suggestion for a Backhaul

I need to upgrade my link, 23miles, passing thru a seawater. Its clear LOS.

Currently served by 2 x 2400BH20,

Any suggestion for this?

Looking at capacity of 100mb above.

PTP500 Full will get you 100Mbps aggregate

PTP600 Lite will get you 150, upgradable to 300.

PTP800 you can get in increments of 10 Mbps, all the way up to 368 Mbps.

At any rate, you should go Motorola… the PTP/Orthogon links are awesome.

After 23miles, ~37Km your not going to get the maximum specified data rates.

Depends a lot on your local EIRP limits for your region but guessing at 36EIRP(Hong Kong) and using a 4foot 35dBi dish. Diversity 1 end.
A 5.8Ghz PTP600 is giving me a max predicted speed 141Mps aggregate, and with a 10db fade margin only 53Mbps.
PTP600L about 70mbps aggregate and 18Mbps with the fade margin.

Perhaps I’ve been unlucky with over the water paths but I would allow for mutipathing etc and work on a data rate with at least 10db fade.

The longest link I have done is 21 kilometers so I will be interested in the others responses.

We just purchased a Trango Apex 18 Licenced Link this was the bang for buck best ive seen so far / infact cheaper then the PTP 600 and with the protection of licenced band. The Apex 18 also has adaptive modulation which is a nice to know if for whatever reason there is fade I also would have considered the new PTP 800 to keep this network an all Motorla Platform however its not avilabe yet in AU. I aslo fear the price on the PTP 800 will be high! The trango starts at 108 MBPS FD with upgrade options for 198 and 376 MBPS link budget dependant.

This will be the backhaul for a 6 link solution with 5 other PTP 500’s out to clients sites.

As for unlicenced products the Motorola PTP / orthogon is the best weve seen and we have seen lots, it is always our first preference in regards to equipment build / ability to achive difficult paths / and user interface.

As for the Trango product we havent recieved it or deployed it yet but form my research it looks the business and its always a matter of picking the right product for the right job in this game one size does not fit all.

Would you mind posting estimated costs in USD?

Trango / Orthogon and Motorola products please.

Aside from the capacity and performance, it is also the question of cost.

The present equipment reads as 21.27miles. I am relocating it to a nearby area, so I am looking at 20.40miles.

That is around 33km I think.

@Trango Apex 18:

How much you bought the Trango Apex? What is the antenna included?

No point posting pricing as it really comes down to what prices you negotate with your supplier.

We got this Apex 18 Link with 2 x Radiowaves 600mm antennas a for 5K AUD less then the price of the PTP 600

One thing to watch out for is the licenced equipmnet needs decent mounting poles and some better understanding of radio where as the PTP is more suitable for smaller towers and big masts where wind loading is a concern. Also check the licence fee costs in you area here it is so cheap its not an issue.