Suggestion for cnMaestro

i have a suggestion for cnMaestro

Currently when you open the devices tab (configure > devices) or the Templates (configure > templates) you either have the "Device Type:" as ePMP (Sectors) for the devices tab or All for the templates one. i have attached an image to show the devices one.

Now my suggestion is could there please be a way to set those dropdowns to a different default? maybe have a set as default button or link next to it so you can select your device then set it as the default and cnMaestro would remember that for future visits.

The reason is I only have E400's in my network, so every time i go into the devices tab i have to click the dropdown arrow then click on the E400/E500 name. and similar for the templates tab.

It’s just about making cnMaestro more user friendly for users of different products.



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Thanks for your feedback Jason.  If you haven't already, I suggest you post this to the Ideas section.

The link is also in the top bar above.  This lets other people vote on suggestions and you can keep track of its status.  It also gives better visibility in case a forum thread gets buried.

Is this default setting something you'd like to see system wide or on a per user basis?

i think per user would probably work as it would just make it a little user firendly for those that have devices other than the ePMP (Sector) when trying to view their network/devices

ill throw it in the ideas page soon

Rather than an explicit setting, perhaps it could just remember what you selected the last time?