Suitable antenna for 40km PTP820 11GHz link


our link is 820S , frequency is 11GHz , and The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is 40 km,
is HP2-11 a suitable Antenna?
can i know , witch CAT part is suitable?


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Have you tried using LINKPlanner to plan your link? You’ll be able to select from a list of supported antennas and see their effect on the predicted performance. It can also give you a full Bill of Materials for the link.

You can download LINKPlanner from

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We can not answer that question without knowing the actual path between sites, the heights available, the region/country of use and a whole bunch of little questions that determine feasibility. Also do not forget that you have a 20m hump (planet curve) in the middle to overcome plus the terrain between.

Use LinkPlanner, enter in your information, see if the proposed antenna has enough gain and it will even tell you pre-approved and tested antennas.