Support for 6rd and DS-Lite

Wireless ISPs need to be able to catch up with larger service providers. The fact that Cambium's managed router product for WISPs still does not support 6rd and DS-Lite is mind-blowing. I understand that RFC 7084 ("Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers") says that CE routers SHOULD support 6rd and DS-Lite, but in 2019, almost six years later, I feel that this requirement is a MUST.  Even Netgear, Dlink, and Linksys support these features. 6rd can even be configured via DHCP option 212, requiring no user configuration. DD-WRT supports 6rd, probably even DS-Lite. What'll it take to get these features included for us service providers to use? I'll be speaking at WISPAmerica 2019 on IPv6 transition standards. Maybe someone from Cambium can attend to learn something.