Support Guest portal for Office 365

The old guide to connecting cnMaestro with Office 365 is from 2019.
Since then, the entire Microsoft environment has undergone a revolution, starting with name changes (there is no longer Azure) to the disappearance of Dev.

Can I have a request for Cambium engineers to make an official tutorial for 2023?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to run it based on the guide from 2019 :frowning:

Unfortunately, a dishonest Cambium partner sold this solution to the school and left them with a problem :frowning:

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We will work on this and update you.

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When will be avaible the new guide? We have the same problem.

Gentlemen, I don’t want to write that these are just some jokes.
Almost 2 months have passed, you have implemented cnMaestro 5.0, and there is still no manual that will allow for proper operation?
Does this mean that it doesn’t work or there is no person who can create this instruction?
Customers to whom it was sold by “irresponsible” partners from Poland left users with a big problem that cannot be solved.

Can you speed up the process of writing instructions or should you finally assume that it SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK?