Support says PTP230 calib data not available -- short end-of-service for a product released 2Q11

The product PTP 230 is a discontinued radio and not supported by Cambium Networks any more. We do not have its calibration data available.

We hope the radio is still operational and its performance may not be hindered due to "Radio Not Calibrated" message. Please let us know if the radio lost its throughput capability.

Chaithanya Reddy
Customer Care Team
Cambium Networks



John Bass

Apr 27, 7:04 PM CDT

it's pretty poor to schedule EOS (end-of-service) less than 5 years
than the last date of sale. Total bul***it for a company that is
supposed to provide carrier grade equipment.

This product didn't even start shipping until 2Q11.

> *Mar. 8, 2011 –* Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced
> new additions to its PTP 200 Series portfolio of point-to-point (PTP)
> wireless Ethernet bridges – the PTP 230 and PTP 250.

The cost to keep this data archived is totally insignificant ...I would
be really surprised if it is REALLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Please look a little harder. If this is really Cambium's new product
support policy, then it really needs to re-evaluate customer expectations.