Supported Voltages on ePMP 1000


The ePMP 1000 uses non standard cable layout for POE.

On the datasheet I see till 30V, but on the box itself I see 24-56V.

So... what is the official supported voltage for this unit? For long cable runs I used 50V 1.2Amp on PTP110 unit... but what to use on ePMP 1000?

thank you

The GPS radios (Sync AP and Force110 PTP) support gigabit and 802.3af standard powering as well as Cambium's proprietary 30VDC Canopy PoE scheme which provides sync-over-power capability and still gives gigabit ethernet.

The regular/SM radios are 10/100 ethernet and Canopy 30VDC PoE. I have seen either the boxes or the radio labels (don't remember which, possibly both) that say 56VDC. Maybe those are mislabeled, I'm not sure.