Surge Suppressor for gigabit ePMP and ground wire gauge question

According to this :

It seems to say the Cambium Gigabit surge suppressor C000000L033A does not  work with any ePMP radios other than Force 110 PTP and whatever an ePMP Sync – 011A is.  It shows a "30 VDC" as ... I don't know what this is saying I'm not sure what this chart is supposed to be telling me.

We have been using the 600SS with a 10 guage solid wire for ground and forcing 100Mb as we could not get gigabit ePMP to work through a 600SS.   

However both of the C000000L033A surge suppressors we tried to use broke / fell apart during the process of trying to connect them to 10 guage solid wire we have always used.  

Assuming that the C000000L033A is in fact supposed to work with the gigabit ePMP CPE what gauge / type (solid or stranded) are you supposed to use with it  ?  I have tried to locate the documentation on this but have been unsuccessful.