Surge Suppressors

Can I install two 300SS Surge suppressors in series with each other?
Are the 300SS suppressors directional? meaning that one connects to the SM and the other to the power adaptor ethernet connector.

It doesn’t matter what jack (J1 or J2) you connect the SM or adapter to. As for connecting them in series, I suppose you could… but why would you want to?

In our experience, the surge suppressors can actually kill your connection to your SM. This has happened several times for us, and we can’t determine what is causing it. We suspect that the surge suppressor must be grounded as thoroughly as possible… we are going to do some testing today to determine if this is the case.

What ever happen to the testing of the surpressor, I’m having the same problem. Tech support points to the grounding

According to the SM manual, you should ground the 300ss to a common ground with the SM. As anyone who’s done real-world installs knows, this is nearly impossible with most installs. With our 300ss, we’ve tried many different types of grounding, with the same results. A continuity test on the bench always proves good, however.

I notice that on the AP side we have no trouble because there’s no power passing through the 300ss. We place the 300ss between the router and the CMM. Also we ground the SM and the 300ss to the common eletrical ground according to code. Another problem the Tech support cannot answer us is when we test the cat5 cables passing through the 300ss there’s short on 4,5 and 7,8. I talk to Motorola engineers they claim no other company but us is complaining about us, I told them to check the forum.

Motorola techs,

What is the outcome of this problem?