Suspended Grant Activated DPA

Just had an issue pop up this morning that out of 35 CPEs on an CBRS enabled AP, 4 show their grant was suspended because of DPA move list. How can only 4 cpes be affected by this and not the rest? I tried to de-register and register the CPE again but still get the same suspension. We are also not near any coastal area, but the school and competitors are starting to deploy CBRS gear. Could they be causing this issue? I’ve had these customers only for a couple months now.

Depending on the location of the SMs and APs you can get DPAs on only some devices or all devices. The most frustrating thing is when its an AP and lasts for hours on a DPA that’s got a mountain range and 90KM in between you and the DPA.

We have a few SMs that are under three different DPAs. Keep in mind they extend way further than should be needed and the protection criteria are pretty overdone check the link below for a Google Earth overlay of all DPAs.

If you are not in a DPA then open a support ticket.

CBRS is still a bleeding-edge technology and there is a reason they call it bleeding. What a lot of people have not realized is GAA tier is not protected from interference from other GAA users.

Hopefully, things will get better or there are going to be a lot of PALs that are only useful for tower to tower on dishes with less than 3 deg beamwidth.

Edit: who are you using for a SAS

Google earth KML overlay DPAs

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I’m using Google for our SAS. Its odd because I have radios a couple houses apart and one is suspended while the other is operating fine. Thanks for the KML file. According to that drawing I’m over 100miles away. I wouldn’t think I have to worry about DPA in the valley. Its been suspended all day so I may try to reach out to Support, but I’ll need to try something tonight to get service restored.

Yeah, get a support ticket open ASAP. You can try moving the AP to the upper 50Mhz that chunk is not affected by DPAs.

You can also go to the google SAS portal and see what the DPA move list your SM is in.

Go to the link below and then view deployment after logging in to the Gmail account associated with your SAS account find and select the CBSD and click the image button.

Then go to status and you will see something like this


Google SAS portal

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Looks like the grant was approved overnight for those customers in DPA. Interesting that it had to wait for CPAS. Also I did find this link which outlines the DPA area. I didn’t realize but most of California is covered in a DPA neighborhood. I have a station 90 miles away that lays claim to channels between 3550 - 3610 for radar. They are the reason why I have to wait. So no matter what it seems that unless I use GAA 3660-3690 I’ll have to wait until the next day to see any new grants approved.

Does anyone know if PAL licenses will still have to wait as well for CPAS?

CPAs is still required with PALs I would think so even more so as it is a protected from GAA users.

How did you figure out the what the station was using?

I went to the status page you suggested to see what the grant status was on the cpe. Still don’t know why only 4 stations were halted that day and hasn’t happened since.

Nice thread to read, helpful. Lots of flux in this process as expected.

Got a sector 20 miles from the coast pointing East. SM’s are in a valley near it on East side. ZERO problems with the CBRS process. Data point for reference.

Another sector with SM’s within rock throw of ocean and AP on side of mountain to the west. [ Propagating into Ocean ] lots of Grant-Suspected issues.

I was looking for a List of DPA trips. Real time even better.

Questions or need more details , just ask -John

The SAS is supposed to take in to account directional and beam information when activating DPAs but the issue comes about when the protection criteria is -144 dBm.

You aren’t going to find a list of activated DPAs or real time information because that could give away information about naval activities.

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Jesse , is that -144dBm from a WinnForum document? Had not heard that protocol. I understand the National Security Aspect.

Don’t really care of DPA source [ Navy, Coast Guard, Area-51 types, etc]

Thinking about NDA, so I can’t really show screen grabs, as they are not mine to share.

U/I for CommScope provides info that I’m looking for Cambium products. This info applies to a different OEM.

From this document, if you click on an area it will list the protection criteria.

List of DPAs in Google Earth KML


Thank you, Nice to have it in Google Earth with Data Table too. I was given a map photo from Commscope for my Area Zone-6 and 7. [ Fort Bragg, CA to Oregon Border.]

I’ll post if I find something interesting. Big Help, GOLD STAR