Suspending a customer in BAM

Hi there,

I’m exploring the idea of using BAM to suspend services to my non paying customers and was just wondering if anyone knows the time frame for a SM to re-register in BAM. Also is there a way to shorten this time frame? I can’t really see this function as a viable solution if it takes longer then an hour or so.

Thanks in Advance.

The period before automatic re-registration is attempted is 15 minutes. There is no way to modify this time-frame. However, the customer can reboot (power cycle) the SM to cause it to reregister immediately.

Are the SMs owned by teh customer or you? Do you have password acces to them? Aither directly or via the AP LUID?

I deal with my delinquent customers one of two ways - bandwidth abusers I throttle down to slower than dial-up to cause frustration. Non-payers I simply disable the 802.3 port on the radio.


Out of curiousity, how do you disable the port? By just filtering it?

The SMs have the option to disable the 802.3 port.


i also use the "disable ethernet option"

u can also suspend the client in the bam and then log in and reboot the sm. If you dont have access to the sm, a last resort would be to suspend in the bam and then reboot the ap…

I use BAM (Prizm as of later today) for bandwidth and restricting tadios that do not belong to us (not a problem yet…), but I don’t use it to lick clients. I use a linux based router to isolate my canopy network from the Internet, so what I do is drop all traffic except anything to port 80, which I redirect to a server that I have specially configured for the job. It displays a page that has our logo on it and basically says, "Please pay your bill if you want any further service."

The traffic drop and port forwarding is all done with iptables, and the server that catches all of the web traffic also has the same page configured as a 404 error response.

The net effect is that I can lock a client at any time, immediately, with no delay or worries about the radio configuration, because the radio stays connected. ANY web page they try to view displays our “Pay your bill” page, and no other traffic flows to or from the client. Works very well, but you obviously need a border router capable of the tricks.

I also have an alternate page for TOS violations, and one for "This radio is not configured in our system.

When the ethernet port is disabled it drops it off my intermapper console and only comes back when the SM is power cycled…

So if I disable the 802.3 Link via the AP and later retrieve the radio from the customer’s house. How do I log back onto the radio to turn the 802.3 Link back on (Enable)?


Re Intermapper - there are two interfaces you can monitor, the Ethernet and the RF.

Re; disabled ethernet link - override plug.