SW Release 13.4.1 and Coverage Extender problems

I've an old Motorola coverage extender with 3AP (PMP100) and 1BH Master (PTP100) connected.

The BH is in "Generating Sync" and all the APs are in "Autosync", they're receiving it from Power Port.

If i try to update the BH to sw version 13.4.1 (From 13.1.3) alle the APs will become unreachable, even though the ethernet is still connected at 100F.

Are there any issues with this hardware?

Sorry, I am not sure that anyone with knowledge of that product still remains here at Cambium.  The coverage extender was retired in 2008 (actually my very first task as a product manager with Canopy!), and was actually a third party OEM product.