SW vs HW?

Hi, I have some PTP650 ODUs with different versions of HW and SW.
I want to know if it is possible to use in an ODUs link of different versions of HW or they must be both of the same version.
What would be the golden rule: version of HW equal? or version of SW equal?

Thank you

If you're talking about PTP650's with minor hardware revisions/boards between them, they should all be compatible with one another. As far as software, I prefer to keep my radios updated with the newes stable release. If you're hanging this radios for the first time I'd highly recommend taking the time to update them all to the newest release, which you can find HERE.


Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. It's a great help.


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on PTP650, it is more about S/W.

We highly recommend both end running on same software release. In certain case with minor change on S/W, you may see link still work even both radio running on different S/W release, but that configuration is not supported by Cambium.



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Hello Allen, thanks for your input. I understand then that the fundamental thing is that both ODUs have the same version of SW and it would not matter as much as they are of different versions of HW for the same PTP650. Thank you-

It's also worth checking the Minimum Firmware Version in the License Key. This is found in the Installation Wizard, and looks like this:

In this example, the minimum version is 650-01-42.

As Allen points out, you should use the same firmware version at both ends of the link. This must also not be earlier than the minimum version in the License Key. The minimum version might be determined by hardware revision, or by the presence of certain regulatory bands in the license key.

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Hi Mark. thank you for the answer, really is helpful. i’ll check parameters that you comment.