Switch Groups filtering policy logic broken on edit

Hi I’ve logged a call regarding this before with Cambium Support but want to see if there is some sort of community interaction with this.

We use switch ports with tags aka “trunk” , “wap” , “data” . When you use the filtering search to find type of ports the search function works correctly but when selecting the select all ports check mark (Located in Blue Menu Selection Top Left next to Port) you will find that when hitting the Edit button that effectively you are are selecting all ports in the entire switch group and not just the ones highlighted via your search/filtering.So if you’ve got 200 selective ports to edit you’re gonna have to click them manually one by one which is a shame because the filter logic works well.

This caught me out once or twice when changing what I though were native vlans for trunk ports but actually ended in changing native vlans for all ports in the switch group.