Is it possible for the epmp to run on an unmanaged switch? 

i got backhaiul going to a site then its connected to another backhaul to get around a large hill. Is it possible to connect the first backhaul to a switch then connect the other backhaul to a port on the switch and install an access point at the location of the backhaul and plug in to the same switch? Im not concerned about throughput at all as theres only gonna be 10 customers on the new Ap and only 7 at the far end of the second backhaul. I know the throughput is halved once it goes to another hop. 

yes the epmp can work with an unmanaged switch.    

even though your situation is simple and a good chance you won't need to see anything in the switch stats wise, I'd highly advise you to buy a smart switch of some sort for the purpose of seeing stats etc.   planet brand switches make a cheep 8 port managed switch thats justs $100 and has a decent spread of features.     plenty of other low cost managed switches out there too.     as much as i'm not a fan of UBNT tough switches, you can pick them up pretty cheep now and wouldn't be a bottle neck to your setup. you'd have some extra information for trouble shooting and the ability to bounce a device remotely if you needed too.   the install would be simpler with a POE switch like the tough switch also.   no power bricks to install and no extra jumpers needed.

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absolutely, provided you have power and sync where necessary you can feed the network connection through a switch.  If you end up with more customers and more APs at that location you'll probably want something more, like a CMM or a router, where you can see per-port activity, etc.  But there's nothing preventing you from tying two backhauls and an AP together with a 5-port switch.  (we use a mikrotik router at all our major towers and most that distribute on to other towers, the rest have a mikrotik router in bridging mode so we still have per-port stats, and a  monitoring/testing point)

There should be no 'halving' of throughput - if you have 50mbps capacity feeding in, and a 50mbps capacity feeding on to the further site, and an AP with 50mbps (for simplicity sake) sector capacity, then the AP and the further BH will be in competition for the 50mbps upstream, but only when the two together exceed that 50mbps.  If the APs clients are using 10mbps then the remaining 40mbps should be available for the second site, for example.


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Thank you for all the feed back.