Switches for long Ethernet run to power an ePMP radio


I have a couple long Ethernet runs to power an ePMP device on a lamp post.  For instance one run will reach about 890ft (but is not in a straight line).   So I need to install a couple 4-port (minimum) switches to be installed outdoors. Kindly note that these won't be in any snow and/or ice cold environment. Think Florida and more specifically South Florida type weather conditions.

Some may have an opportunity to be installed inside at the bottom of the lamp post. The cavities inside (at the bottom) are large enough to hold a basic 4-8 port switch. Some may need to be mounted in a NEMA4 enclosure.

Additional Options:-

  1. both PoE and non-POE would be great.
  2. SNMP or management
  3. AC or POE powered.
  4. Don't need fibre. This will only be a CAT5/CAT6 copper based solution.

In one of the runs, I will need to uplink or connect at least three (3) in series. So, if it is powered via POE, then it will also need to provide POE for the next switch in series.

Any suggestions on the outdoor switches?

(I have the option to provide power to the ePMP / camera device with a POE brick at the final point, since there is AC power there.  Just need to homerun the data back to building using CAT5/CAT6 copper cabling)

Netonix WS-6-MINI is a great option for this. If your current requirements are low enough, you can daisy-chain the POE from one unit to the next and power the entire run from one large POE brick at the beginning.  If you need to place it outside of the lamp post, Tycon makes an enclosure that fits this switch like a glove. 

why not use poe bridges? We use Comtrend POE-9213 Gigabit POE bridges with epmp AP's and IP Cameras with up to 4 in a single run. These are not outdoor units, but a 5" Kraloy box and a couple cable glands and now it is. (for Florida temps, you may want a larger, vented box if out in the open, cable vaults seem to be cool enough)

These require poe+ to power and you loose 2w per bridge but it saves having to run power to the closer location.