Switching from fixed to flexible licensing

Is there any way to convert fixed licenses currently in use to flexible licenses?  We have a number of fixed licenses applied to access points, but we would like to start using flexible licensing instead.


Unfortunatelly fixed licenses can't be converted to flexible.

You can leave APs where licenses are already aplied runing Fixed Liensing and for new deployments use Flexible lIcensing.

Thank you.

if me AP with fixed licensema dead, what happens to them? I bought the licenses.and their price is higher than the AP price.

why do not I set licenses to a client unit? All of these problems would be over.

So my company reached out to Cambium to ask about switching from fixed to flexible today, and they were happy to oblige us and changed over our licenses.  It is possible, but one has to contact Cambium directly to do it.