SwitchPorts Descriptions Issue

We are using CnMaestro On Premises Latest Version (3.0.4) and for cnmatrix equipment most of descriptions are showed as #CambiumAuto_If5 when we pass the mouse over icons of ports… Under the UI of cnmatrix, descriptions of the ports are showed normal…


Sorry for the delayed response.
A feature called Auto VLAN is supported on cnMatrix and cnPilot which allows cnPilot to advertise its VLANs associated to the SSIDs to the cnMatrix. cnMatrix will then assign the port to those VLANs automatically. There is no need to manually configure the vlans on cnMatrix.

When you see the port description that consists of the string #CambiumAuto_, that is an indication of the auto vlan has been activated on the port. The auto vlans are display with ‘*’ in the port’s vlan membership.