Sync and slaves

Quick question.

If I have a site that has 2 SLAVE BH’s with no CMM, do the BH’s still need to be synced to one another??

You mean one BH Slave feeding another?

Generally you want to configure the BH with access to the CMM as the master, then propgate the timing signal outward from there.

CMM/BH20 Master —> BH Slave/BH Master —> BH Slave

Connect the timing pins together from the remote Slave to the Master

See if I can explain it better

TOWER C has a CMM with a BHM back to TOWER A where the BHS is
TOWER B also has a CMM with a BHM back to TOWER A where there is another BHS. TOWER A does NOT have a CMM so do the 2 BHS need to have a SYNC LINE? BOTH BHS are currenting getting SYNC from the other TOWERS. I’m just not sure if they need to be SYNCED to one aonther.


They should be OK since they both get the same GPS information from the two CMM’s.

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Yet another question…

A Tower with a 5.7 BHS and a 2.4 AP, the BHS get the sync from the BHM so do I just set the AP to generate sync or use the sync cable between the BHS and AP?

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pass the sync from the BH to the AP

Does a BHS still pass sync to other radios? I thought it was just the BHM that does that.

I could be wrong, but as I understood it the BH slave passes the sync. If it does not, then you will want to use a 3rd party GPS sync generator. They are not that expensive.

The BH Slave will not pass any type of sync, only the masters. You shouldn’t have a problem, as you are dealing with two different bands here. How far away are the units from one and other? Are the AP’s being timed with a CMM?

I’m passing sync through my bh slave with a sync cable. Ap set the receive sync

Clueless, are you saying the BH slave is passing the sync to the AP?

Yes, with a sync cable

This is how part of my system is set up been running for almost a year this way.

Main tower (A) has 3-2.4 cyclone’s,Micro Cmm and 5.7 MBH feeds tower (B) 5.7 SBh sync cable to 2.4 Omni AP set to receive sync(timing port) then feed tower ©<<<2.4 SM as Sbh- Sync Cable To 2.4 Cyclone set to receive sync (timing port)

That’s what I thought. msmith, check your data.

So then the BHS automatically pass it’s sync on the timing port? Cause there is no setting within the BHS to do so.


i work for one of ISP in Jakarta, Indonesia. We already used CMM for synchronize 2 BHM, and 2 AP, but still have problem with intereference each other. Although the range of the channel each BH and AP that we use is quite ideal.

So my question is, what actually the problem is ? and what about the function of CMM if there is still have problem with interference ?

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You don’t need to set anything in the BH, the sync is already being passed out the sync port. Just make a cable to connect the sync ports together from the BHS or SM to the AP.

Set the AP to Receive on Timing Port and you are done.

:smiley: Works good that way