Sync cable ?

The sync cable’s that are used to go from a bh unit to an ap is this a strait cable or is it a crossover? if so please let me know what it is.


RJ 11

Pin 1 → white / orange ← Pin 1
Pin 2 → white / green ← Pin 2
Pin 3 → white / blue ← Pin 3
Pin 4 → green ← Pin 4
Pin 5 → blue ← Pin 5
Pin 6 → orange ← Pin 6

:?: So it is just a strait cable?

I’m tring to sync a cyclone with an sm sync cable that is registered to a cyclone that has an cmm. Not having much luck or I’m doing it wrong. It will generat sync and works fine, but will to sync to recieve from timing port.

all you really need is pin 1 and 6 i think jump it out of the sync of the reciever and put it in the ap and set ap to recieve sync. oh yea remember it has to have 6 tabs on the connector not the two or 4 versions on the i am pretty sure its a rj12 connector not rj11.

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