Sync on CMM, No Sync on APs

Last night we lost sync on all 6 of the APs on our cluster but the CMM is still receiving Sync fine. We tried rebooting the CMM, it still came up with Sync but the APs did not. Are we to assume that it’s probably the cable between the APs and CMM, or have people seen this before and it’s still a problem with the CMM?
We did have this tower hit by lightning a few months ago and we replaced all equipment except the cable between the APs and CMM and then also the GPS cable. The tower had been running fine for these past few months however. I just hope we don’t have to replace all the cables as that would require a crane to get up 100 ft and replace all 6 of the 150 foot ethernet runs.

Same problem in a tower of our own. Get hit by lighting all summer long. But it seems likes it keeps coming thru the power lines because it always kills the CMMs power supply and nothing else. Last time, APs lost sync, we replaced the CMM and still no sync on APs. We have them Generating their own sync now. How could I blame the cables when they are almost 300 ft long and no errors on the ethernet?

Coming through the power lines, haven’t thought of that one. Only reason i don’t think that’s it is because this time the CMM is still working fine and receiving sync. Of course it could just appear that way and maybe the ports aren’t sending sync anymore.

lightning lightning lightning.

do you wonder why towers are still hit when it has already arresters installed?

4days ago my tower was hit, and 1 AP is damaged, remaining 5 and 2BH is fine… whoaaaaaa.

How are all you guys protecting yourself against lightning?