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P8 Radio (I Think)
7.3.6 SW Release
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I am in the process of upgrading a site that I aquired. I changed out an old CMM with a CMM Micro so that I could remotely reboot a radio if it locked up.

When I switched the radios from Receive Sync through Timing Port to Receive Sync Through Power Port I noticed that one of my radios did not give me the option. That AP gives me only 2 options, Timing Port and Generate. If I use the Quick Start it provides me with the Power Port option but then it will not receive sync and shows no options selected in the configuration page.

Has anyone else seen this error before? I know this is old HW but if anyone has some suggestions, it would be appriciated.

Thank you,
Gilbert T. Gutierrez, Jr.

What is the hardware version? Telnet to the unit and give it a Ver command. I think you have to use at least version 8 or 9 hardware to have power port timing.


Motorola Broadband Wireless Technology Center
(Copyright 2001-2005 Motorola Inc.)

Login: root
Telnet+> ver
Software Version : CANOPY 7.3.6 Oct 24 2005 12:06:56 APAS-DES
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 051104
FPGA Features : Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES,
Frequency Band : 5.7GHz
Hardware Platform : 7
Hardware Minor Revision : 0
Device Type : CANOPY
MIR Cap : 7000 (kbit)
CIR Cap : 20000 (kbit)

It looks like that antenna needs to be retired. Now I need to come up with a way to provide timing.

I was looking through some old User Guides and did not find a reference to P7 not supporting sync through power. Are you certain that is the case or does someone else have information on this?

I thought I remembered that somewhere.

Page 358 - 359 7.3.6 manual R2

21.2.5 CMMmicro Software and Hardware Compatibility

The CMMmicro contains both a programmable logic device (PLD) and software. These
must be compatible. The PLD that is compatible with CMMmicro Release 2.0.8 is PLD 5.
Further, the CMMmicro must be compatible with both the application software release
and the hardware of attached APs and BHs. These attached modules must
â—¦ be operating on Release 4.0 or later.
â—¦ have been manufactured in October 2002 or later.

358 Issue 2
September 2006 Operations Guide
Through Software Release 7.3.6

APs and BHs that were manufactured earlier do not support sync on the power leads of
the Ethernet port. To determine whether the AP or BH hardware is compatible with the
CMMmicro, see Table 66.
Table 66: AP/BH compatibility with CMMmicro
Range of MAC Addresses (ESNs)
Incompatible Compatible
with CMMmicro with CMMmicro
900 MHz AP none all
2.4 GHz none all
5.2 GHz ≤ 0A003E0021C8 ≥ 0A003E0021C9
5.7 GHz ≤ 0A003EF00F79 ≥ 0A003EF00F7A

So its not nessisarily P7 (although for some reason i think those MAC’s above corrispond to P7) hardware, rather certain early releases suffer from no power port timing.

However, you could use a SyncConverter and not have to replace the AP. … e2ed161a7b

I’m starting to really question those guys. I cannot seem to speak or email anyone with Packetflux. This seems like poor customer service, I don’t care how great their product is.

Just my .0000000000001 cents worth.

amd phreak wrote:
I'm starting to really question those guys. I cannot seem to speak or email anyone with Packetflux. This seems like poor customer service, I don't care how great their product is.

If you are having problems contacting us, try an email to our published email address . This changed back in January or thereabouts and solved a major problem we were having with packetflux email getting lost in the hundreds of emails which I get in my personal email box every day (many of which are spam which makes it through the filter). The form on the website also goes to this email address. We typically respond within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Contacting us via phone is still an iffy matter. Two of the three employees of PacketFlux are busy in the day to day operations of a WISP during the business day. Due to the necessity of keeping the two separate businesses separate, these two employees are generally unable to answer the phone or to return packetflux-related calls during business hours. The final packetflux employee is part time and handles shipping and some of the assembly. If someone is around, we will pick up the phone - usually afternoons or evenings are the most likely to get a human - but the ability of that human to answer your question will vary depending on how technical the question is.

We realize the phone contact issue is a problem, and we're trying different things to fix it - the eventual solution is simply to hire a full time employee. Unforatunately, we are not quite at the stage business-wise to be able to do that yet, although we are hopeful that this will occur with the release of some non-sync related products in the near future.


Thank you Forrest for the reply. Reading your post makes me completely understand (and appreciate) your company now. It is tough doing two things at once, and I can relate.

I will get it on my schedule to contact you guys. I gave up a while back when I was trying to quote out an AP and some SM’s for a job.