Sync over Backhaul


I have read the manual but have some more questions :slight_smile:

Tower1-AP 2.4
Tower1-AP 5.8

Tower2-SM 5.8 (backhaul from tower1)
Tower2-AP 2.4

Can Tower2-AP 2.4 get its sync from Tower1-AP 2.4?

If so, how many hops can I go like this?


You will have to:
1.- put a sinc cable betwin both radios on tower 1 and both radios on tower 2
2.- ap2.4 I generating sinc
3.- ap5.8 receiving sinc
4.- ap2.4 II receiving sinc

But this is only needed if they are < mile appart and you are planning to use the same frecโ€ฆ

Thanks :slight_smile:

They are about 2 miles apart but can see each other clearly.

Thanks Again