sync pipe resarts and invalid message

got a site with 3 900ap’s 120 sectors all receiving sync from a packet flux sync pipe via a timing cable that we made.two of the three panels work fine no issues, the third in just two days has 311 invalid message counts and over 19000 restarts as you can imagine all 24 of my sm’s on that panel are down and up. the two panels that work are running 8.2.4 and the third i upgraded to 9.0 now i did that before we installed them was going to do the other two later got busy and never got around to it .the other two panels have no restarts or invalid message errors. i have been trying to figure out why the one panel is having so much trouble and honestly just found this gps issue 5 mins ago i will change the radio but was hoping someone may have a solution before i climb.

If your going to replace the radio , while your up there i would double check the sync cable to that AP.