sync pipe vs cmm

so here in nova scoita canada the biggest 900 canopy build ever done is close to completion.74 million and 200,000 people later (estimated uncovered civics) things are,well there not as great as moto thought it would be.interfernece seems to be the order of the day our little company with about 25 sites and maybe 1100 clients has for the most part taken (at our own cost) our stuff vertical while the two comapnies that got the money from the goverment to carry out this massive undertaking stayed totaly horz. where we did stay horz once the new towers came online they started causing us tons of problems,mostlywith high reg and sessions counts on our sites. we are timed with packet flux sync pipes while the other players are timing with cmm’s.ap evals on some of our customers are showing in access of 25 different color do those two devices play with each other or are we out of timing with the cmms??i should also metion that even with the cmms the other two are still having many problems mostly i think because there is so much other 900 stuff in the freindly skies,both of them are using 6 ap clusters with the 3 non -overlaping freq being used exclusively,timing is only good among canopy and other stuff doesn’t care about you guys think that this can and will work with little trouble or is it just to big a project??

joennc wrote:
ap evals on some of our customers are showing in access of 25 different color codes

SyncPipe will work fine, but all the timing in the world isn't going to fix that...

What might possibly help also is to attempt to match Downlink Data, Max Range and Control Slots with the competitors, but again this would only be beneficial for canopy coexistence. But I agree with Salad, you might be fighting a losing battle.