Sync PMP450i with ePMP 1000

Hey Support Folk,

I was looking for the correct way to sync two new PMP450i's I will be adding to a site that currently has three ePMP1000 AP's currently sync'd via GPS pucks.

I would be using PacketFlux to send timing to the PMP450i's, but what settings would I need to change on the PMP450's to sync with the other AP's set to sync off the pucks. I know distance, frame, and 75/25 etc, but what about contention slots and the other settings ePMP doesn't in it's GUI.

Thanks in advance,


At this time, sync between ePMP and PMP450 is not officially supported by Cambium. That being said it still might be possible as sync between PMP100 and ePMP is possible, and sync between PMP100 and PMP450 is possible. Using a mix of timing settings derived from syncing ePMP with PMP100, it might be possible to get close to syncing with PMP450. I don't believe I've seen any posts regarding this though, and I do not know of anyone that's tried this.

I believe you have to put the 450 on a 5ms frame size from it's 2.5ms and make sure they have the same 75/25 ratio. I'm not sure if anything else needs to be done.