Sync problem

Hey all,

I’m new here and in desparate need of some advice.

I have a installed a Canopy system with 6 AP’s run through a 1070CK. Have spent the last few months getting everything set up (when not at day job…as I am sure most of you can relate to. i.e. NO free time) and been doing some drive testing etc. Everything was ticking along fine and I finally reached my vacation week (this week) to really get geared up for launch and hopefully even put in a few customers.

Well, yesterday, I logged into my AP’s and noticed all but 2 are not receiving sync. The two that are receiving have an unknown antenna status and tracking mode reserved.

The research I have done here seems to point to a cable problem. Canopy Support also suggests this. The problem is getting someone here to climb the tower to test this theory. And, it being all 6 cables?! The only thing I can figure is the tower taking a lightning strike and causing this.

I am really hoping to figure out a way to raise the odds that it is all 6 cables to justify paying for a tower climb. The CMM says I have 3D fix on satellites, tracking 8 with 8 visible, although if I unplug the GPS from the CMM it says 8 visible 0 tracked. Is it possible it is my GPS antenna and not my cables to the AP? I also tried updating to 7.2.9 but that didn’t help either. Also rebooted the CMM, and AP’s.

Sorry I’m all over the place with this, but I have tried everything I can think of and just trying to explain what has been done.

Thanks in advance,

If you are using a CMM Micro (1070CK) then the information on the AP’s GPS status screen may not be correct. You will want to look at the CMM Micro status screen to see the number of sat’s tracked. Are you seeing GPS sync loss in the event log of these AP’s?

I have a line in the event log on the two that have reserved on the GPS status page that on boot up says:

Line 2250 Acquired GPS Sync Pulse

The other APs don’t have this line or anything that has anything to do with GPS in the event log.

On the configuration page of the AP is sync to power port or sync to timing port selected?

Sync to power port.

how many LEDs can you see in your CMM Ethernet ports? Is it still 6? or… only 4 remaining LEDs?

I mean, the Ethernet connectivity LED in the CMM, which lights up when an AP is connected into it.