Sync Pulse Status on bootup

Just after a reboot on a CBRS AP running v16.2.2, is it normal to see
“Sync Pulse Status : Idle, waiting for startup” while the AP is linking up with Maestro/SAS?

In the SyncStatus tab, we see the same “Idle, waiting for startup” at the top. Although some AP’s receiving sync via Timing port will have Satellite data populated below.

On our non-CBRS AP’s if Sync is available it shows Receiving sync right away.

During this “waiting” period, would it be possible for the Sync Pulse status to show the actual Cambium/Canopy sync status?
If the “Idle, waiting for startup” takes longer for some reason, we are questioning if there is an actual Sync issue.
We are used to seeing “Error No Sync!”, “No Sync since Boot up” or “Receiving Sync”, and this new “Idle” message is ambiguous.

Also, does the main status screen need to show “Idle” in 4 places?

Yeah I noticed this too when we started changing over to CBRS. I believe it does that because the system won’t check sync status until the AP begins to transmit. Once the AP begins to transmit, the system then checks to see if sync is active or not. Since there is the delay now with waiting for grant and authorization before the AP begins to transmit, it just sits there idle. There was a request put in one time to show sync status even before transmit begun on an AP but I don’t think that was ever put into place. I’m not sure if it can be before the AP starts to transmit.