Sync Questions

Hi all, does anyone know if it is possible to pass the sync through a 30 meg backhaul link over to the normal 5.8 Canopy AP ?
Please note the 30 meg backhaul, so these are the larger backhaul units not originally made my Motorola but the company was purchased and they are now labeled as Canopy Radios.
(PTP600 Series)

Next question is regarding CMM units. We have both the older standard CMM that doesn’t have a web page and the newer type CMM Micro’s that do have a web site.
What I want to know is, if I get the sync from the standard CMM - older type- connected to the Satelite receiver for sync,
I also have another system connected to a CMM Micro that is connected to the satelite receiver for sync,
Are these two network ends in sync with each other or not ?
Ie because the 2 CMM’s are both using GPS - then does that mean that the sync pulses are exactly the same, or does it only mean that it is getting a sync pulse from the satelite reciever but the 2 systems could be on a different timing pulse ?

Does no one know the answer to this ?

I’ve never tried propogating sync throguh a PTP radio so I can’t say if it would work or not as the tech base is different my guess would say probably wouldn’t work.

Your second query about the different CMM types though I have tried. Provided they both has GPS sync it makes no difference if it is an older CMM a CMM Micro or even Packetflux gear it passes the timing pluse to AP in the same way so the AP’s will be in sync.