Sync setting when placing two radios back to back question

I am setting up a 2.4bh to feed a 900ap. The cat5 ports feed through a switch. I know I need to generate sync. I have created a sync cable as follows with a 6-pin RJ-11 connector.

Pin 1 >> white / orange << Pin 1
Pin 2 >> white / green << Pin 2
Pin 3 >> white / blue << Pin 3
Pin 4 >> green << Pin 4
Pin 5 >> blue << Pin 5
Pin 6 >> orange << Pin 6

This goes into the sync port in each radio and directly connects them. My question is what do I set in the software for synce. IE does one need to generate sync and the other receive sync on the timing port?

I see sync to received signal on power port
sync to received signal on timing port and
generate sync signal.

I assume one will need to generate and the other receive it on the timing port? If so which should generate?

Thanks in advance

Does the master end of the Backhaul have sync to a CMM? If so just make the CMM side BH a master and the one tying into the AP a slave. Then just plug timing cable in a set to sync over timing port on the ap. Really wont make of a difference if your 2.4bh is generating sync and 900 ap is receiving it versus no sync at all. since 2.4 and 900 are different frequencies they wont interfere. But if you tis 900AP can see any of your other 900AP’s from another site. Then it needs to be GPS Synced not generating sync. Cheap solution is a PacketFlux SyncPipe Parasitic. Then with that you could have it provide sync over power port then run timing to from AP/BH(receiving the sync) to whichever other ap/bh needs to be synced. That way they all have GPS Syncing.

No, the master end of the bh is not tied to a cmm. I don’t have any other facilities in range of deployment so…

You’re saying I shouldn’t need the sync cable at all in this situation unless another 900ap is in range to interfere?

If I were to use sync in this case would I set the generate sync at the master end of the bh, then set the slave end and 900ap to receive sync via timing port? Or is there just no need to do this in my particular scenario?

well if you were to do it that way the master would generate sync which the slave would be picking up from the master end. then run cable from slave bh to 900ap and set ap to receive sync on timing port. but really it probably wont make much of a difference doing it that way versus no sync at all. personally i would just go ahead and put up a syncpipe parasitic because sometimes even with no other 900 canopy ap’s in sight it can make a difference with jitter levels more so than power levels and its ability for an sm to maintain a 2x link easier. But if you are going to use sync use gps sync or generate sync on the ap itself being that it wont interfere with 2.4ghz stuff anyways. i wouldnt go through the trouble of tying take sync from the backhaul unless the master end is getting sync from a CMM.

Also you may want to consider cutting PIN 4 in case your AP and BH Bootup at different times (in case of reboot) This could cause the 900 AP to detect a short on pin 4 and 6 which would force the AP to boot up in default mode (or vice versa for the BH )

** Leave Pin 6 as this is needed for Sync though! Just pin 4