sync solution

I have 4 devices (2400AP, 2 5700BH and 5400BH); there are on the same tower; each device has its network and going to a dedicated port on the cisco router.
I need to get these devices synchronize; how can i go about it.



You have three choices.

1. Buy a Sync Injector and Sync pipe from

2. Buy a CTM from

3. Buy a CMM from motorola (contact your distributor for this).

The current network I manage only has Sync Pipes in operation at this time and they work wonderfully. We are looking at CTMs for a few sites where the extra features will be advantageous.

There is also the new CTM-Express solution from LMG, and because it doesn’t provide any L2 or L3 functionality, it may work great for you scenario.

All timing is done via the timing port, so you will have to run a dedicated cable to your Canopy equipment from the CTM-Express.

Price is around $385.00 USD

Here’s a link to the specs:

Last Mile Gear CTM is the way to go.

Thank you for your various assistance. I really appreciate it.
I went to the various sites and i did not see a real manual guide for the equipments suggested.
I have the following questions: The syncinjector, is it IP based or it’s a straight forward installation? can i mount it outside on a waterprof box?
On the Express 8, i cannot see the power port; are those port ethernet port or sync port or power+sync.
A user guide would have help or assistance from someone who has experience it before.
I really need to know the equipment before i gohead and purchase it.

I have many sync injectors in nema boxes outdoors. There is no IP management for it. It is a passive device that powers the AP/BH/SM and provides sync over power whcih means running only one cable per device. The sync injector must connect to a sync pipe however. This requires a syncpipe mounted outside the box and a single ethernet cable run into the sync injector. The sync injector powers the sync pipe as well. You must use your own ethernet switch with this setup.

The CTM-Express 8 provides no ethernet or power, and only sync. You will have to use a the Canopy Power Supply to power each radio. Because it has no ethernet, it is not manageable via IP, only provides passive sync.

Thanks very for your various assistane. I will order order and install it.