Sync stuck


I am trying to configure a few new APs (XV2-2 with 6.3.5-r4 or 6.4-r5 same result) via cnMaestro Cloud version 3.1.0-r75. We have a AP group with Auto Sync turned off. When onboarding, AP takes configuration from specific group and won’t sync any more. Then we manually configure static IP address for and location, then manually sync configuraiotn with AP.
Here is the problem, sync won’t start instantly, it takes a while to even start syncing configuration - 10min easily.
After configuration is finally applied, it takes another maybe even 20mins that Configuration tab under AP is again available, it just gets stuck on syncing for quite a while. In the meantime, all other tabs are working perfectly, AP is online and reachable, I can even scan WiFi networks.

Kind regards

Can you share your cnMaestro ID